I don’t understand why Republicans have become the party against public schools, and “safety net” legislature

I don’t understand why Republicans have become the party against public schools, and “safety net” legislature. It does not make sense. What really is not making sense is that those who have benefitted from public schools would deny the priviledge to others. I graduated from a SUNY college. I’ve been pleading with those brighter to explain.

Aim your life affiliations like an aspiring athlete

Aim your life affiliations like an aspiring athlete.
Every achievement-oriented athlete desires to train and practise with athletes a bit better. To be pulled up from the elevated challenge. To learn from and rise up to their ability and skill.
No driven athlete aiming to excel wants to practice with athletes of less ability. That’s why athletes travel from around the world to our High Performance Camps – to go for it alongside the best of the best – and be mentored by true world class coaches and sport scientists.
Every achievement-oriented person whether it be career, business or for personal growth, would serve their path best with a similar approach.
Sustain your loyal friendships – but also make new ones who are where you desire to get to.
Associating with people smarter more experienced wiser with more knowledge happier fitter healthier most positive energy more accomplished etc is not only a growth path to personal success but also the way to open your mind and shift your perspectives and beliefs.
Hang out or network or learn from people more successful. As defined by what’s important to you. That could be fit and healthy. A couple with a smooth positive respectful passionate relationship. Parents with cool empowering relationships with their children. An award winning entrepreneur. A more lucrative investor. Or someone in your field who elevated their career.
Be curious and learn what makes them tick.
Meet who they know. Adopt what makes them successful.
Be receptive to changing your automated mindset program, your habits, your knowledge, beliefs, methods, strategies, philosophies etc.
Until those change, you will remain the same and likely in the same place.
There is no right or wrong. Just decide if you aim to lock into where you are at in life for as long as possible (because you are so happy would be the reason) or if you desire to grow (because you desire more happiness and personal enrichment and have specific goals you desire to achieve). If you want to know about fashion and beauty logos then click this link  adventure-escape.com

I ordered a coat on Amazon

I ordered a coat on Amazon.com and I am so discussed . Nothing like it is advertised . it came from China and I ordered the coat two sizes to big and the darned thing is 3 sizes to small . I want my account credit . One ordered coat was sent to my old address in Alabama even tho i made a correction and reordered to new address . Well one coat is in Alabama and the other coat came to my present address . I was told that I would be receiving a returned label by e-mail, have not received it . This piece of junk is going back to China or wherever it came from. Very. Save on the perfect presents and stocking stuffers for the entire family here


Yes, I walk and I run when my knee isn’t hurt

Yes, I walk and I run when my knee isn’t hurt. But what will save you? Yoga. Yoga will save you. There is crap in the air, water, food that is literally shutting down our bodies. I have really noticed it this trip because I was hurt and had to lay off everything. So I started my Iyengar again today, eliminate or modify that which still hurts my knee. Back to pounding Vitamin C and grapeseed extract and will continue 10k IUs D3 daily. Just be aware. And it is yoga that will keep you supple and support the energy flow where your body needs it.

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I love Congregation Beth El

I love Congregation Beth El. I wanted to learn to read Torah and thanks to Hazzan Alisa Pomerantz-Boro, I was able to read Torah. I always wanted to tie tzitzit. One down 3 to go. My bucket list still has going up in a cherry picker but I am not sure Beth El is ready to help with that.

I finally met @HapyHipi and – briefly – @Little_Bird_66 at the #SuperCarsWeek in #PalmBeach

I finally met @HapyHipi and – briefly – @Little_Bird_66 at the #SuperCarsWeek in #PalmBeach.
He was next to some of his cars including his brand new #Bugatti #Chiron.
@AloisCarles was with us, and Tim immediately started talking to him, giving him a life lesson with compassion. He ended up telling him to avoid being like everyone else and dare to be different. I agree 100% with that, and I was grateful for him to have shared this life lesson with my son. @HapyHipi is a kind of role model for Aloïs. He is funny, kind, wealthy and drives amazing cars… so these words coming from him will have more impact on Aloïs than @StephanieCarles’ or mine.
From a more personal point of view, I was looking forward to meeting him in person after having followed his adventures and talked about him with a couple of mutual friends. He did not disappointed me, as he was exactly how I thought he was going to be, based on his Instagram. If you read me on regular basis, @HapyHipi is an excellent example of the post I wrote a few days ago about being real and yourself on Social Media.
Tim could really skyrocket his audience on Instagram with a bit of guidance, because the raw material to success is already there: he is incredibly true, different and open to the others. I might Private Message him later, and trade the kind words he told my son with some free advices for him to do even better than he already does. Not sure he really cares actually, but we will see.
Meanwhile, he you want to meet a true Alien in the Instagram scene (and if you have taken the time read that entire post ), you should definitely FOLLOW him: @HapyHipi.
PS: And you also might want to follow @Little_Bird_66 who gave us the kind and compassionate smile while Tim was talking to Aloïs.❤️

One of the reasons so many people who want to grow their influence on Instagram are wrong is simple: they don’t try to be themselves and build a…

One of the reasons so many people who want to grow their influence on Instagram are wrong is simple: they don’t try to be themselves and build a flavorless character, far from who they really are.
Guess what? It doesn’t work because people notice you are an empty soul and stop paying attention, and obviously, it lacks of authenticity and substance, so people start following you for the wrong reasons.
I’m not saying it’s OK to post crappy photos to tell the world how real you are. Yeah, avoid posting that selfie as soon as you wake up after 3 days of sleep depravation, with your pillow printed on your cheek and your hair neanderthal style. It hurts too. We now have awesome phones and apps that can edit your shots like a boss and make them amazing… so use them for posting appealing content.
It is incredibly challenging to create content people want to pay attention to, I get it, but it’s not enough. The real secret is that you are always wrong not to post the truth, or at least something very close to the truth.
Instagram influencers – like wannabe fitness models or food gurus on the rise – are getting tons of followers but for 90% of them, their engagement level is overrated. People care more about the beautiful photos of their bodies or their burgers, than they care about the influencer himself.
Being an influencer means that people care about you, about who you are and what you think. They give you that authority on their own choices, and it’s a great power brands love – and will increasingly love – getting from you. Having a million followers because you post #supercars photos gives you a tremendous reach but a very level of social love aka influence.
#InfluencerMarketing is by far the next big thing in marketing, and it’s all about quality of engagement and how much people love you for who you are, trust you because they feel they know you and because you give them that part of you to be loved for.
Being real is where your real grip on the market is, not in fake content or lack of soul.

I taught one of my neighbors to decode Hebrew

I taught one of my neighbors to decode Hebrew. When we finished we decided to move class from the dining room to the kitchen and learn Biblical Hebrew together. She actually brought a gift in honor of our 2nd class, Tea and coffee. I never saw this brand before. This is a great way to learn, two friends studying together. Good News.

A year or two ago, you couldn’t have paid me to do yoga

A year or two ago, you couldn’t have paid me to do yoga. It was too slow and depending on the studio—so out of touch with the history/culture. When Marisa Hall got her yogi certification that all changed. Over the past few months yoga has become a refuge and a new, essential part of our bond. ‍♀️ Our wellness #MYCALVINS Photo: Shaniqwa Jarvis

So here’s the deal: These Posters are incredible! Chris Brennan created these four informative sheets of 2018 intel that all astrophiles need

So here’s the deal: These Posters are incredible! Chris Brennan created these four informative sheets of 2018 intel that all astrophiles need. Myself, I’ve never had a Lunar Planner or an Astrocalander or anything and now that these are on my fridge, I’m very happy. All the major transits of the year, the Mercury Rx periods, great visuals, easy to look at. YES! If you would like to get them in your life, just go to my site:
click on the poster image on the left, and you are in. It’s a way of supporting both Chris and I’s Podcasts if you are fans.

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