There are so many videos on the internet today that clearly show how animals are in no way less sentient or less conscious than the animal species…

There are so many videos on the internet today that clearly show how animals are in no way less sentient or less conscious than the animal species called Homo sapiens or human. How can it be that we are still denying those citizens their natural rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” –Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson, 1776. ME 1:29, Papers 1:315
And yes back then it was only men (not women) and also not slaves, native Americans etc.
While we made some progress and now included women and extended those rights to others not considered “men” at that time we have still to include other citizens that are just as deserving of those rights as women were (and they got them) and all the others not originally included!

“What I eat is my decision and its my body so I won’t ket anyone make me feel guilty for my dietary choices!” – Really?, That is true in a way but if…

“What I eat is my decision and its my body so I won’t ket anyone make me feel guilty for my dietary choices!” – Really?
That is true in a way but if that freedom to live our way of life has a (severe) impact on other’s freedom to live theirs then there are limits. “Your freedom ends at the tip of my nose.” is a famous quote to illustrate that.
You can be sure that the white apartheid regime did not feel the least guilty about living their lives their way. The black and coloreds in South Africa at the time were certainly not so happy about that.
So yes personal liberty is important but has its limits where it interferes with other beings right to freedom from harm and their right to live.
In the eyes of the apartheid regime it was justified to treat the blacks and coloreds that way because they were less than white people. The same attitude can be found towards animals as a lot of people still think that their life maters more than that of an animal. Luckily more and more countries are waking up to the overwhelming scientific evidence that cows and pigs for instance have the same capability for suffering, fear, etc as humans and are assigning including animals rights in their constitutions. Two years ago chimpanzees and orang tams were given humans rights by a US court and we probably all know that those human rights have not always been granted to all humans. It took many years for most indigenous populations like blacks, aborigines, native americans, etc to get their humans rights recognized. Just because 100 years ago we thought that those indigenous people were not fully human doesn’t mean it was ever right and just because now we think that animals have less right to life than we do doesn’t mean that is right or will stay this way.
I mean the Americans felt so strongly about their right to live their lives the way they wanted and not to be made to feel guilty for it that they went to war – civil war against each other – only to defend their right to treat “negroes” as property to use (and abuse) exploit and kill. While the other half of the Americans believed that they are humans too and as such have rights – the same rights as all sentient living beings have.

This is a good summary in general as it addresses a few of the questions raised in the past few days on my posts about plant based diets but also…

This is a good summary in general as it addresses a few of the questions raised in the past few days on my posts about plant based diets but also specifically addresses some of the specifics around the movie What The Health which is highly controversial amongst meat eaters and deals with some of their “debunks” and finally makes good point on humans diet:
“Why emulate (diet wise) a paleo human who was in daily survival mode and would live up to their thirties at best rather than emulate the human beings we are evolving towards and emulate their diet.”

The mystical experience is nothing other than becoming aware of your true physical relationship to the universe

The mystical experience is nothing other than becoming aware of your true physical relationship to the universe.
And you’re amazed.
By the feeling that underneath everything that goes on this world the fundamental thing is a state of unbelievable bliss!
Why not?
Why else would there be anything happening?
If the universe is basically nothing but a tormented struggle, why have one?
- Alan Watts

Coming out of the cave to present this to you

Coming out of the cave to present this to you. Not my cave, but Chiron’s cave….
Ever since the beginning, I feel I have been learning from Chiron. I know this now more than ever. And now, it is time for me to share what it is I have learned from him.
Join us, won’t you!?

Liam has never liked riding anything

Edited to add…please excuse how goofy I sound in this video, and just realize this was a first for us and I was excited;))
Just now getting a chance to post this…but first a little background…to those of you who don’t know this, Liam has never liked riding anything! He has always had some "sensory" issues on certain things. Literally, changing his diaper when he was a baby was a challenge because when you laid him down he would cry. We wound up changing diapers standing up. I didn’t really understand many of his "differences" until I started talking about them to an occupational therapist.
He cried every time he was in his car seat as an infant because laying down made him so uncomfortable. I was so glad when we got old enough to get a car seat that sat up straight. We could finally drive without crying. He was never a baby that I could just lay down and get things done with…so, I wore out the baby carriers that I could strap on and hold him upright on me and get things done with:). Riding in the shopping cart was never something he would do, nor riding in a stroller….I knew it was more than him being spoiled…and through reading A LOT and some occupational therapy learned about vestibular and proprioceptive sensory integration.
Last summer I couldn’t get him to even swing on a swing…although he was a "sensory seeker" on his own…running, jumping, climbing, flipping, spinning, dancing… raise him up off the ground and put him on a ride would scare him to death….an occupational therapist explained he wanted his own feet to touch the ground or something stationary…being lifted up, and him not feeling control of his body scared him….
Tara at pediatric therapy would sit on this big long swing with him that swung back and forth….he gradually got more comfortable with the movement and not being in control with his own feet:) these changes were happening for him without him even knowing it.
They recommended toys that would help and I bought them and worked with him at home also….Ron built him a little swing…the motion he wouldn’t do unless we were holding him on our laps finally became fun for him:)
He finally started riding in shopping carts:) this has all just been this year…now he is big enough to walk beside me, but I still smile to myself when he wants to ride in one because what we always took for granted with my older kids, wasn’t the story with Liam:). We all have some sensory issues to some degree, I believe. Probably many go un noticed and un recognized.
As Liam’s momma and any caretaker he has had though, they were enough to affect us getting to go and do things, because sometimes it was just hard.
I have seen so much progress and this kid is, and has always been so smart. Sometimes I’ve worried about him being misunderstood and people thinking he is a "bad" kid when he gets upset….and I’m thankful that he’s my kid and I know that’s not the case. He is the sweetest little guy I know:)
Telling you all this story so you will understand just how excited and happy this video and pictures make me.
We decided to go to the fair last night. I honestly didn’t think he would ride any rides, in the past when we have tried it was too much and terrified him.
I figured we would go pet the animals and eat some funnel cake and come home…
We bought a few tickets and there was a big slide…so, he and his big sisters did that a couple times, that didn’t surprise me because he has a slide and he likes it and when we go to the park now, he wants to slide. Shop and save at hoppa
Next, we go to the kiddie train. I ride with him, he loved it…waving to his sissies…I thought, "hey, this is a first!" And we were excited….then we go over to the kiddie roller coaster….I was scared he would be terrified…but he said he wanted to do it, and he wanted me and both of his sisters to go on it too…so we got in line and when we all got on, I told the man operating it that he had never rode a ride like this and if he got scared, would he please stop and let us off…he agreed to….little did I know that he would not only love it, the only crying he would do was when we had to get off!:). We literally got on again after going through the line and rode this 8 more times through the night! Along with many other rides!
Again, unless you understand how long and hard this has been to get to, you would wonder why it made us so happy…but last night was proof that he is learning he is safe and he is finally getting to enjoy some of the things I wasn’t sure he would really ever enjoy! He is a typical 3 year old little boy and he is perfect:)


Morning: 06h00 pick up you at the meeting point in Saigon, start Western Tour Day 1 Cai Mon – Cho Lach.
09h00: Arrive in Ben Tre City Depart for Cai Mon – Cho Lach. On the way stop to visit Nam Cong Zoo – Continue the journey to Cho Lach, stop to visit Cai Mon Church, scholarship memorial Truong Vinh Ky, visit fruit gardens (3000m2 wide). On your VIETNAM DAY TOURS, enjoy the seasonal fruits in the garden (May: Durian, mango, mulberry – June – July: rambutan – September – October: mangosteen, bay …).
Car to the delegation Cho Lach pier, boat trip on the river watching the scene of people living in the watery Mekong River countryside.
Lunch: 12h00 Lunch at Vinh Binh, enjoy local specialties are processed from, snails, mussels, frogs, garden chicken …
14h00: You board the car along National Highway 57 crossing Co Chien river by Dinh Khao ferry to Vinh Long.
Finish the tour, take you back to Saigon
You arrive in Saigon, ended the Western Tour Day 1 – Cho Lach – Cai Mon travel guide Viet Fun Travel farewell and see you again.

Lately, I’ve been extra thankful for the farm upbringing I was blessed with

Lately, I’ve been extra thankful for the farm upbringing I was blessed with.
So many memories- one of which was-
Every year we would have a freezing sweet corn party with the Langworthy crew.
Shucking the hundreds of ears of corn.
The smell of freshly boiled cobs.
Steam in the already hot kitchen.
Little fingers stealing fresh slabs cut off the cob.
Measuring cups heaped with the golden reward.
I didn’t realize I was learning. But I was.
As I went through the motions in my little kitchen tonight- that little nostalgic stab was sweet ♡
Maybe we should recreate this Becky Hanson, Kari Walters, Katie Rowland and Rodney Langworthy Larissa Gronseth Oliver Lee ? 2nd generation! ♡
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